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Everywhere you look around the world, everyone and I mean everyone has been impacted by the global virus created in China due to lack of health regulations or monitoring across the country in the world’s most controlled and watched country.

Given the significant controls everywhere and lack of freedom of speech it is becoming clear that the Chinese government are complicit in that the world should have been advised earlier of the virus.

The Chinese doctor in Wuhan in his forties who lost his life to the virus had tried to raise the alarm only for it to be put out by the central Chinese government. Brave hero.

The Chinese are rushing to help Italy with masks and experts – who are these experts – are they the creators of this virus? Is this an attempt at global domination?

In any event, the global death count is rising as financial markets are dropping around the world. No one is not impact by this except maybe those only who have lost their lifes.

Now it is time for the Chinese government to come clean to the world and pay up. Every global household should be given $100,000 by China in compensation for the personal impact on everyone this has caused.

The impotent United Nations in New York must introduce global accountability for health regulation by each country in the world.

We should not be in this position due to the incompetence of the Chinese regime.

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