Allergies & Asthma

Thought I`d share a semi-old article I ran across about some possible advancements in the treatment/ possible “cure” for allergies. Personally found it a bit uplifting and hopefully for the future since imo not a lot of advancements are taking place.


  • The article was published in 2017, but at the University of Queensland successfully wiped the T-cells that have an immune memory in aminals so they were able to tolerate the protein in an allergen

  • How: Use blood stem cells, insert a gene that regulates the allergen protein and we put that into the recipient. The engineered cells produce new blood cells that express the protein and target specific immune cells, ‘turning off’ the allergic response.”

  • Possible Application: Using asthma allergen, but could be applied to treat those with severe allergies to peanuts, bee venom, shell fish and other substances

  • Dr Steptoe said the eventual goal would be a single injected gene therapy, replacing short-term treatments that target allergy symptoms with varying degrees of effectiveness.

The second link is a funding raising video by the University, but also address a timeline of the research essentially might have real-world application by 2029.

Since the video was published in 2017, and he mentioned 6 or so years of additional lab research ; followed by testing in humans for an estimated 6 years before “application”

Thought I`d attach the link to donate just in case anyone’s feeling charitable.

I believe this research is either part of the immunology or allergy departments not totally sure.

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