Allergies & Asthma

Be careful if you notice it getting worse at all. I felt the same about bananas “Sure, I get itchy but I love them so much, I can deal with it” and kept eating them until eating banana bread makes me itchy and eating a whole banana makes me feel flu-ish for half a day. I’ve now had a single tiny bite of banana, one of my favorite foods, in the past 5 years because I decided to eat one every day because I didn’t mind being a little itchy. That tiny bite made my lips tingle for half an hour.

I’m fairly certain it also worsened the rest of my OAS. Where I was a little allergic to pineapples and kiwis before, I now can’t eat pineapples, kiwis, cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew, figs, mangos, or cucumbers. Maybe it would’ve naturally gotten worse over time but maybe not. I love all those foods except honeydew and figs. Kiwis and cucumbers were staples of my diet until I noticed I was reacting to them. This was after the banana so I didn’t push those and am ok if there’s accidentally a little in my food.

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